Livigno (ITA)


About Livigno:
Sitting right in the heart of the Alps, Livigno has been the place to discover new winter sports: In Livigno telemark is living a second youth, freestyle has grown up and snowboarding found its first fans. Livigno has also hosted several editions of the Burton European Open, a main international event, which raised the resort to the real Mecca of snowboarding during the first years of the new millennium. The snow and ski areas are winter’s main attractions as Livigno provides a modern and wide ski-lift network to its guests. Today, with more than 115 km of slopes and the Mottolino Swatch Snowpark, one of the best in Europe, the “Little Tibet” is a perfect choice for everyone, with or without a snowboard, to enjoy snow, shopping and apres-ski.

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About Mottolino Snowpark:
The Mottolino Ski Area is well known for its  snow park, one of the best in Europe. Priorities here are set in quality of structures, safety of riders and fun of the activities. Home of three editions of the Burton European Open, seven editions of Burn River Jump and World Rookie Fest, Mottolino will host the FIAT Nine Kinghts, which will take place for the third time in Italy. It has also be chosen by GoPro as a partner for co-marketing activities, placing Mottolino Livigno among the top resorts for the fun offer to riders of any kind.

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Offering a high quality snow park of 120.000 m² (more than 30 soccer fields) built with more than 170.000 m³ of snow, the Mottolino ski area will also produce enough snow to enable the shapers to build the enchanted castle of the FIAT Nine Knights that will last for 1 week on the beautiful mountains of the Mottolino area. To have a better idea of the entire offer, check out the brand new webcam.

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