Photo Contest 2014

Our  talented and incredibly creative, invited photographers Christoph Schöch (AUT) , Eleonora Raggi (ITA), Nate Abbott (USA) and Alex Papis (AUT) excelled this week. Not only pushing for a fresh vision and new ways of documenting some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders throwing down at the “Il Castello” on Mottolino Fun Mountain,  they kept it cool, worked closely together with the riders and had fun! The 2014 Suzuki Nine Queens presented by O’Neill in Livigno would not have been the same without them! We love you guys! The results are amazing, see for yourselves….drum roll…there are the 4 different category winners…

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1. Best Action –  Eleonora Raggi
(rider: Jenny Jones GBR)
“I had planned some shots beforehand and I brought my harness with me. Once I had climbed into my spot on the lift pilon the police spotted me and shouted at me to get down. I pretended I did not understand and finally they had to come and get me, but I got my shot! ” -Eleonora –

2. Best Lifestyle  –  Christoph Schöch
(riders: Rebecca “Possum” Torr, Eva Patscheider and Keri Herman)
“I love to make people laugh and Kerry, Possum and Eva are girls to have a fun time with. I don’t want to do super serious stuff. I think since last years super mario cart idea the italians loved  to see a connection to their culture or their town in the pictures.” – Schröchi-

3. Best Illumination –  Nate Abbott
(rider: Elena Könz)
140328_Abbott_9Queens_265“My shot was at sunset with a couple of flashes set up on the jump to pinpoint the action. Elena Könz has really great style and there’s a little spray of snow that caught in the flash, so it really worked out well.  I shot it that  way to show more than just the jump and the action, it shows the sense of place. The Livigno mountains are amazing”  -Nate –

4. Best Double Action – Alex Papis
(riders: Anais Caradeux and Virginie Faivre)

” It was really good to get together with the other photographers, share ideas, talk about photography and get input. In this shot Anais and Virginie kept trying to get the synchronisation right and I was the lucky one to get the timing and angle right.” -Alex Papis-

ALL  SUBMISSIONS   Eleonora Raggi

1. Action –Eleonora Raggi
2. Action  – WINNER  –Eleonora RaggiLele_Action.001

1. Lifestyle – Eleonora Raggi
2. Lifestyle  Eleonora RaggiJenny_NIneQueens14_pic_RaggiEleonora_3755
1. Illumination  – Eleonora Raggi
2. Illumination – Eleonora Raggi

ALL SUBMISSIONS – Christoph Schöch

1. Action – Christoph Schöch
2. Action  – Christoph Schöch
1. Lifestyle – WINNER- Christoph Schöch
2. Lifestyle –Christoph Schöch_25B4341
1. Illumination– Christoph Schöch
2. Illumination– Christoph Schöch _25B3704
1. Group – Christoph Schöch
2. Group– Christoph Schöch _25B4811


1. Action – Nate Abbott
2. Action – Nate Abbott
1. Action – Nate Abbott
1. Illumination – Nate Abbott
2.Illumination– WINNER – Nate Abbott
1. Group – Nate Abbott-
2. Group – Nate Abbott-140329_Abbott_9Queens_596


1. Action – Alex Papis
2. Action – Alex Papis _AFP9400_ts
1. Lifestyle – Alex Papis
2. Lifestyle – Alex Papis Alex_Lifestyle.001
1. Illumination – Alex Papis
2. Illumination – Alex Papis Alex_Illu1
1. Group – Alex Papis 
2. Group – WINNER  – Alex Papis Alex_Group1

Important: These photos can only be published on! They can NOT be copy pasted to other websites!!!