Wanna be a Queen winners 2014

The Wanna be a Queen Online Video Contest is over and the 5 winners have been invited to join the Suzuki Nine Queens presented by O’Neill in Livigno, Italy from March 26th to 30th 2014. Heading to the chateau will be freeskiers Jamie Crane-Mauzy (USA), Julia Krass (USA) and Zuzana Stromková (SVK). Among the snowboard ladies Christy Prior (NZL) and Klaudia Medlova (SVK) stood out to the jury. Congratulations ladies!! Meanwhile final preparations are taking place for the big welcome of the queens next week. Check out the winners’ edits!


The giant castle setup on Mottolino Fun Mountain keeps growing and growing, turning into the perfect feature for the girls to take their sport to the next level. The two huge kickers (22 m and 28 m table) feature a halfpipe in between, which in turn boasts a step-up transfer kicker leading out of the pipe into the landings of the kickers. In addition the setup is garnished with numerous jib elements such as down and kinked stair-sets, a down rail and a cannon gap feature. Check out the graphics of the castle!

With the addition of the Wanna be a Queen winners the riders list is now complete. The young newcomer and US Olympic team rider Julia Krass impressed the judges with a huge variety of different tricks on massive kickers in her edit.

Edit Julia Krass:

Jamie Crane-Mauzy, who last year turned heads at Nine Queens with her attempt to be the first female to stomp a Kangaroo flip, also sent in a winning clip. Welcome Jamie!

Edit Jamie Crane-Mauzy:

Third invite goes to Zuzana Stromková, who might be attempting to better her Rodeo 900 from last year.

Edit Zuzana Stromková:

Out of the snowboard girls Christy Prior and Klaudia Medlova caught the eye of the judges. Christy Prior claims a well-deserved spot with her solid technique and unique style including a sweet switch 180 method, double backflip and a nollie backside tailslide bagle out on the rail.

Edit Christy Prior:

Klaudia Medlova showed one switch trick after the other, and perhaps, in addition to her switch backside 180 and switch backside rodeo she might try stomping that double backside rodeo at the event!

Edit Klaudia Medlova: