Results all categories: Dahlström “Ruler of the week”

After a great week here at Suzuki Nine Queens in Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis, we are slowly but surely starting to wrap things up.

Most of you guys by now now the result of our Big Air competition on saturday:  Ashley Battersby (US) takes the win in front of Eveline Bhend (Sui) and Kaya Turski (Can).

The podium girls being happy about their victory!

Ashley Battersby receiving her “Suzuki Nine Queens special edition Ipad” from host Virginie Faivre.

Thanks for the great Nine Queens bracelets we got from Jewelry Köblinger in Innsbruck!

The winner of probably the most important category of the event was young Völkl Marker Athlete Emma Dahlström from Sweden.

She took the title “Big Air Ruler of the week” and won herself a brand new set of Dotz rims for her Dad´s car:-)

Emma Dahlström steezing for a reason!

The surprising winner of the category best style trick category was Silvia Bertagna from Italy. She convinced the judges, formed be her fellow athletes with her sick Japan & Mute (double grab) 360´s! Congratulations Silvia.

Below see the Trick that won her a limited edition artist serious Baby-G watch!

One more time an overview on all the winners…Great job girls!

..and their trophy, in memory of Sarah Burke. We miss you Sarah!

Check out the full contest wrap up video one more time…. and check back tomorrow for the results of the photo competition!

Nine Queens 2012| Full contest video