Suzuki Nine Queens – Heli Session

The helicopter session went down yesterday at the Suzuki NINE QUEENS castle and you could feel the excitement in the air. When the heli showed up behind the mountain for the first time you could see the tension in everybodys face. As you can see, it was just amazing! We had an unbelivable great shooting with no wind and sunshine.

Emma Dahlström

The shapers from Schneestern are still doing their best to let the Suzuki NINE QUEENS castle look stunning.

“La France” chilling in the austrian sunset!

The view from the start tower.

Ashley Battersby droping in (above) and flying (below) over the chateau.

Our host Virginie Faivre is checking out the castle.

Kaya Turski preparing for her jump.

Silvia Bretagna doing her stylish double grabs.

Thanks everybody for this great shooting. Looking forward to the night shooting this evening!


© All photos by Klaus Polzer & Flo Breitenberger