Day 1: Warm up rail session

Dear Suzuki Nine Queens supporters…

Even though the weather was crazy today, the Queens still found their way up for a first inspection of their chateaux.

Emma Dahlstroem

When they came up, they found the Schneestern crew working hard to get the the castle in Shape for the first kicker session tomorrow!

Michaela Utsi

We got nearly 30cm of fresh pow over night and during the day, due to the wind, some parts of the castle had more then 1 meter of fresh snow on it!

Swedens Emma Dahlstroem and Michaela Utsi as well as france´s Julie Bernard started a first small session on the “Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis – Tyrol” Rail Set Up.

Julie Bernard

We can´t wait to finally start hitting the feature tomorrow! The weather forecast is great, so let´s get this on!

The girls are rested and ready! See the first bangers tomorrow night! Stoked!