4 days to go: For the first time…

… Nico Zacek tested our Suzuki NINE QUEENS castle today!
I can tell you, his smile went from Fiss till the other side of Ladis…
He was more than stoked about his first tries and now we´re even more confident, that the Nine Queens will have a pretty nice time here in Fiss.

After his first jump, Nico congratulated the chef shaper Dirk and his Schneestern crew. Both were super happy about the check in session!

Nico overshoted the sweet spot on his first try more then 10 meters, and still the impact was pretty low. That only happens, if you have such a perfect long steep landing!

So it’s about time, that the girls come over here and have some fun!
Thanks Schneestern and all the helpers from Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis for your great work & help.
Check back for the video update later tonight!


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