The Suzuki NINE QUEENS Lifestyle Fotoshooting will be outstanding!

The Suzuki NINE QUEENS event is all about female freesking and getting the best action pics out of these talented girls while they are hitting our chateau.
… But we also plan to do a Liefstyle fotoshooting which will blow your mind!

We visited the Frommesalp in Serfaus.Fiss.Ladis yesterday and the owner showed us what makes this alm a very special one!
We won´t tell you to much for now, but maybe you can already imagine what this is all about…

The wild animas and birds from the Frommesalp will be the perfect accessoires for the Suzuki NINE QUEENS Lifestyle Fotoshooting…

We werer pretty impressed about these unique and sublime animals.

To tame the birds, the owners are training daily with them, so they do not have fear of humans.

I can´t wait to see the girls having some fun while shooting with this beautiful creatures!

Stay tuned for the next update!