7 days to go: The Suzuki NINE QUEENS castle gets its shape!

Welcome to the Suzuki NINE QUEENS countdown!
With still 7 days to go, we proudly present you, what the Schneestern crew created so far. Pretty sick I’d say!!

It’s not just a hugh snow pile any more.. The castle takes it’s shape and it’s gonna be a pretty beautiful playgorund for our ladies!!

The Schneestern crew enjoys it’s well-deserved “Radler” in it´s break.
Also they would like to see some snowflakes falling right now, they’re confident that the chateau will be outstanding once again.

The view from the gondola already blows our minds…

Here you can see our latvian shaper Yannis doing what he does best: Building the Suzuki NINE QUEENS castle 🙂

Once again it is just impressive to see how the Suzuki Nine Queens castle is growing and gets its corners and edges.
The whole Suzuki NINE QUEENS crew is again super happy, to be able to furfill it’s dream in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis!

See you tomorrow!!

The Suzuki NINE QUEENS crew!

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