8 days to go: The Suzuki Nine Queens “Chateaux” will be ridiculous…

The Nine Queens crew arrived in Fiss today and went straight up the mountain to see how the castle is progressing…
Thanks to the one and only Schneestern crew, as every year, you are creating an outstanding snow construction!

The shapers already worked 4 days on the Suzuki Nine Queens castle and we can tell you: The “Chateaux” will once again be ridiculous!

For this years Suzuki Nine Queens edition we came up with some creative and innovative ideas, to give our ladies a suitable playground to push female freeskiing even more then last year. That´s why we couldn’t think of a better partner than the Schneestern crew, with it´s awesome shapers from Lithuania, Germany and Belgium!

Thanks also to all the hard working helping hands from Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! Without your equipment and manpower, we couldn’t forfill this dream.

We do not want to tell you to much, as there are still 8 days to go…

But the rails are looking pretty promising!

Till Bex, is proudly presenting us “le Chateux”. This is where the action will happen!

As you can see, the boys don’t care about the weather conditions and are working hard, to be ready in time.

From now on, we will update you daily with the freshest infos about our castle in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.
Stay tuned and make sure to check our webside for the next blog.

the Suzuki Nine Queens crew.

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