Welcome in style: The queens rock in their Dirndel´s…

Hey Nine Queens Fans….

Yesterday night, the Suzuki Nine Queens Welcome night was on! The best female skiers in the world rocking their traditional Dirndl´s. I can tell you it looked just great!

Thanks to the “Madatschen” restaurant for supplying us with the most traditional tyrolean food…

Below you can see some of the prices the girls and photographers can win throughout the week!

WORK IS DONE: The Schneestern crew with their final meal! Thanks so much guys for building the nicest “chateau” ever in snow!

Also our invited photographers Stefa Cande and Felix Rioux have arrived!

The comic characters of Maude Raymond, Virginie Faivre and Kim Lamarre always on our side!

Now it´s time to go to the mountain and start the first shooting session! It´s bluebird, let´s do it girls!!!

Suzuki Nine Queens: The Schneestern edit