2 days to go: The mini queens arrive…

After a lonesome week for  Eva and myself here in Serfaus, the first queens finally arrived!

Emilia Wint, 16-year old Breckenridge local and  one of the winners of the “Wanna be a Queen” online competition was the first to arrive this morning.

She also was the first one to hit the down-flat-down box… Schneestern crew was going nuts!

And thats the way Eva shreds rails:-)

The next girl to arrive was our Princess: Only Nine Year old Kelly Sildaru from Estonia with Papa Tönis. Yes, you see right, she is checking out the jump in that picture:-)

Besides the shitty weather the vibes were just great!

We are looking into a full week of sun from tomorrow on…

In some hours, all the other girls from Euro-X will arrive here in Serfaus and we are ready to start the biggest show female freeskiing has ever seen, tomorrow!


The Suzuki nine Queens crew.

Suzuki Nine Queens: The Schneestern edit

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