7 days to go: The breakthrough

Not much talking today, I´ll just let the images speak!

Yes, the spot we found is great!

Yes, the Schneestern and Serfaus, Fiss Ladis crew is doing an amazing job!

Finally the first Queen in person of Serfaus local Eva Patscheider has arrived at the chateau!

Dirk and Buli after the big breakthrough: Check out the little tunnel whole behind them!

The Schneestern Crew, Markus Neier and Queen Eva Patscheider pretty excited about the tunnel which will sooner or later be the Inrun for our Rail section!

Oh, I can tell you, we had a beautiful sunset here in Serfaus today and are expecting to have a banger heli session with the queens here soon!

Check back for more news tomorrow!


The Nine Queens Crew

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